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Hande Kahraman

Executive Assistant


Professional Experience 

Hande Kahraman has worked in many different positions. After graduating from Izmir University of Economics department of Translation and Interpretation, she started working as an interpreter at a Canadian Gold Mine. There, she was enthusiastic to learn other things, so she found herself participating in more operational duties and learned executive assistant duties. Her next professional experience is teaching, and she started working as an English Teacher at Philip Morris International which was followed by a Cambridge University Teaching Certificate and a teaching career at Izmir University of Economics.

Role in Manay CPA

Hande Kahraman is an Executive Assistant at Manay CPA. She is responsible for administrative duties. She organizes the CEO’s calendar and daily functions. She also provides administrative assistant to the executives, the team, and the clients. team. She organizes logistics and accommodation and helps prepare documents. She is very happy to be a part of the Manay CPA team.

Personal Interests

Hande is interested in painting and playing the piano. She also loves cooking and enjoys trying to cook different dishes from around the world.

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