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Ilayda Ozdemir

Sr. Associate


Professional Experience

Ilayda Ozdemir is graduated from Yildiz Technical University department of Economics in 2021. She had an Erasmus experience in the Department of Economics and Management at Pisa University in Italy. In the 3rd grade of her university education, she had an internship experience in InvestAZ Securities INC. as a Digital Marketing Intern. She was responsible for analyzing marketing research, search engine optimization, content planning, reporting, and lead generation strategies. After two months of experience, she started to work at PwC as a Sourcing Center Intern. She supported the planning and delivery part of the audit, tax, ARGE, and advisory projects and, she was responsible for the payable/receivable and bank confirmation process.

Role in Manay CPA

Ilayda Ozdemir serves as an Accounting Specialist at Manay CPA. She is responsible for individual, corporate, and partnership tax return preparation, preparing financial statements for monthly clients, following the financial and legal responsibilities of the customers in certain deadlines, and managing the processes on their behalf, making consultancy calls for prospective clients, managing the IRS audit processes, and helping the customers with their international tax and financial transactions. She thinks that Manay CPA is an institution that can meet the needs of a wide variety of customer profiles has improved her a lot, she always learns something new every day, and working here makes her feel like a citizen of the world.

Personal Interests

She likes going to the theatre, reading novels, and watching sitcom and history series. She regularly does cycle and swims. She is interested in data science, and she participates in competitions and workshops where she can improve herself in this field. She also has a blog where she writes about economic and financial issues with her friends.

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