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Ozan Sevindir



Professional Experience 

Ozan is currently studying Economics and Finance at Istanbul Bilgi University, after graduating from Robert College. After brief internship experiences throughout his education years in auditing and digital marketing, he is excited to be accepted in Manay CPA.

Role in Manay CPA

Ozan is working as a Trainee at Manay CPA. He’s responsible for preparing tax forms, financial statements, depreciation schedules, and onboarding new clients/new business formations under GAAP regulations.

Personal Interests

Ozan is passionate about music production, playing piano, violin, and trumpet as his name suggests. He loves to play in a theatre and short films as well as directing in their productions. From time to time, he participates in community involvement projects, especially animal shelters. He usually watches series in his leisure time. Ozan also likes writing poems, and reading philosophy and psychology books or articles.

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