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Tania Venegas

Team Supervisor

Tania Venegas - Senior Associate at Manay CPA

Professional Experience

Tania is a senior associate at Manay CPA, she has 5+ years of customer service experience. Prior to her current role, Tania was an internal accountant/administrator for a small woman owned construction business. She has assisted in writing bids to the City of Atlanta for jobs with the department of Watershed Management. She has also assisted in two job fairs for Flintco LLC as a translator. Tania is also a public notary and is fluent in both English and Spanish as well as conversational French.

Role in Manay CPA

As a senior associate at Manay CPA, her responsibilities include overseeing her personal clients as well as assisting junior associates with their day-to-day duties and clients. She is responsible for clients’ bookkeeping, annual registrations, sales tax returns with various states, processing payroll, quarterly payroll returns, loan applications and other client requests as they come. She also handles domestications to different states for clients. During the tax season, Tania completes corporate, personal, and nonprofit returns. Tania also assists the receptionist with any administrative tasks if necessary. She is very happy to be able to again work in a woman owned business with a family orientated workspace. She has worked with Manay CPA for 3+ years and is astounded and proud with how fast the company has grown. The company is one that will guide you through your accounting career while also making you feel like family.

Personal Interests

When not at work, Tania enjoys spending time with her family visiting the beach and museums. She is married and has a son named, Isaiah. Her favorite vacation spot is Jekyll Island which is home to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center to which Tania donates to frequently. She helps her father and uncle in their endeavors as small business owners. She enjoys cooking as well interior decorating for her home as well as other family members.

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