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Warith Kampang

Jr. Associate


Professional Experience 

He earned his undergraduate degree in Accounting at the University of the Immaculate Conception in the Philippines in 2018. He interned at the Commission on Audit, an independent government body with the primary function of examining, auditing, and settling all accounts and expenditures of the funds and properties of the Philippine government.

In 2019, he left for Turkey, learned the Turkish language, and currently completing his Master’s in Accounting and Finance degree at the Institute of Graduate Programs – Business Department of Ankara Haci Bayram Veli University, formerly part of Gazi University.

Role in Manay CPA

Warith has joined our team as a Jr. Accounting Associate at Manay CPA.

Personal Interests

He enjoys learning new things, be it academic, professional, technological, history, etc. He loves reading and discovering new cultures and places.

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