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Yonca Sal


Yonca Sal - Accounting Specialist at Manay CPA

Professional Experience

She has worked as Sales Manager, a domestic and foreign trade Manager/Coordinator in the energy, automation and communication sectors and has more than 10 years of experience. She graduated from the department degree as a double major in Physics Engineering and Electrical Energy Analysis in Turkey. She has an MBA degree.

Role in Manay CPA

She works as a CRM and accounting specialist in the company. At the same time, she gives information about the American market to new customers and makes new company formation. You can ask your questions about tax to her and you can do tax together.

She thoughts about on Manay CPA: It has an experienced staff knowledgeable about their business with a focus on customers and always their observing the interests. The most important rule is that employees are happy. I am happy to be a player in a dynamic and positive team.

Personal Interests

She is innovator, sensitive, solution- oriented and a good account manager and coordinator. It is her greatest desire to travel the world, to be among different cultures, and she has traveled to 14 countries until now. She believes that everyone has the right to education, and she gives private lessons to low-income children and tries to contribute to their education. She loves animals very much and does her best for street animals.

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