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Zeynep Demirci

Jr. Executive Assistant


Professional Experience 

Zeynep graduated from Istanbul University in 2021 and studied American Culture and Literature. She has done freelance translations and taught both English and Turkish during her studies. She also studied at Harriton High School in the United States.

Role in Manay CPA

Zeynep currently works as a Jr. Executive Assistant for Manay CPA. She is responsible for managing tasks and maintaining client information on the system. She makes sure the team is as productive as possible. As a newly graduated, she is given this great opportunity to improve herself with Manay CPA.

Personal Interests

Zeynep enjoys reading classical novels and watching anime in her free time. Also, she likes to play sports, she played volleyball for 6 years. She is interested in different cuisines and cultures. Travelling is her biggest passion.

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