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Yonca Sal

Yonca Sal

CRM and Accounting Specialist

Yonca SAL is an CRM and Accounting Specialist at Manay CPA. Previously, she has worked as Sales Manager, Foreign Trade Coordinator and General Coordinator different companies of in Turkey. During these tasks, she specialized in Business Development, Business Analyst, International Relations, Commercial letter of credit transactions and Commercial letter of credit analysis, Financial and Accounting management. In her business life for more than 10 years, she has received training Foreign Trade Expertise, Export Development, Leadership and Business Manager, Advanced Entrepreneurship, Business Analyst, Neuro Marketing, Digital Marketing, Image and Perception Management, Professional Life Coaching and has certificates. Continuous Self-renewal and learning is her greatest passion.

She graduated from the department degree as a double major in Physics Engineering and Electrical Energy Analysis in Turkey. She has an MBA degree.