Ziya Kızıltan

Ziya Kızıltan

Turkey Country Manager

Ziya Kiziltan, born in Istanbul in 1983, started his university education in 2001 at Yildiz Technical University Department of Physics. After experiencing his first entrepreneurship experience during his college years, Kiziltan has held important sales and marketing positions in various sectors. At the same time, he completed his undergraduate education in Business Administration.

He worked as Marketing Manager in the core team of, which was selected as Turkey and Europe's fastest-growing e-commerce startups in 2013. For about 4 years, he worked to remove the obstacles in the way of e-commerce and to introduce more people to the advantages of e-commerce. He has trained over 40,000 e-commerce entrepreneurs. He enabled more than 200,000 customers to shop online for the first time.

Between 2016 and 2019, he worked as Sales Development Manager at During this time, everywhere in Turkey, by organizing training, seminars, and conferences, he has supported more than 10,000 businesses and SMEs to start e-commerce.

Kiziltan, who believes that the most significant benefit to Turkey's economy is through export, began to work as Turkey Country Manager in Manay CPA at the end of 2020. Ziya Kiziltan, married and with a child, has been the General Coordinator of ETID since 2017.