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Ahmet Tanis

Jr. Associate

Ahmet Tanış

Professional Experience 

Ahmet graduated from Gazi University, Department of Business Administration. During his student years, he completed a volunteer internship program in the payroll division in the Human Resources department at Goodyear Tires. After graduation, in the SMMM office in Ankara; He took a role in managing payroll, general accounting, and all official declarations. He is a master’s student in Accounting and Finance at Sakarya University.

Role in Manay CPA

While Ahmet will learn more about the accounting processes in Manay CPA, he will also support the teams in these matters.

Personal Interests

He is interested in fantasy fiction novels, especially a Middle-earth fan. He is also interested in photography. Enjoying learning new things, Ahmet is interested in astronomy and world history as an amateur.

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