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Understanding and Obtaining Tax Identification

Whenever you file your taxes or contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for any services, you’ll be required to provide a tax identification number. Naturally, Social Security Numbers (SSNs) are the most common form of tax identification when it comes to filing your taxes, but the IRS also issues other types of tax identification numbers, especially to those who don’t qualify for SSNs. One such tax identification number is the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

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Applying for an ITIN

Applying for an ITIN

For individuals who are not eligible for an Social Security Number, the ITIN is your gateway to financial participation and tax benefits in the United States. If you need to obtain an ITIN, our tax professionals will guide you through the application process.

ITIN Renewals

The ITIN is only valid as long as it’s used on a federal tax return at least once every three years. If your ITIN has expired, we can help you renew it.
ITIN Renewals

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