Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Everyone

It’s not just the 1% who can prepare for their family’s financial future; it is essential for everyone — particularly if you have a spouse or children. Most individuals procrastinate and aren’t doing anything about estate planning until it is too late.

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There are many explanations as to why this occurs.

You may be under the impression it is too costly, or you do not want to think about death since it is painful. Maybe you feel like there’s plenty of time to worry about the future later because you’re young and healthy.
Manay CPA Inc. Tax and Accounting Services Marietta GA
Manay CPA Inc. Tax and Accounting Services Marietta GA

You might be incorrect.

It's hard to think about it, but your family could be in for a surprise. If there is no trust or estate in effect, then state laws decide -- not you or your family -- how your assets and property are split up.


  • Before starting estate planning, you probably have plenty of questions. We are here to answer them!
  • We have formed relationships with financial professionals.
  • We will create a long-term estate strategy that addresses the individual needs of each customer.
  • We remain up-to-date on developments in tax law impacting estate planning
Manay CPA Inc. Tax and Accounting Services Marietta GA

Asset allocation to partners, kids, trusts, and charities

Periodic evaluation of the needs for estate planning

Strategies for Gift Tax to minimize expenses and maximize profit

Creating a well-designed succession plan for the survival of your business

Administration of the trust to protect the company by avoiding risky situations

Tax preparation and planning, including land, donation, and tax returns

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