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    Initial Consultation

    We schedule a one-on-one consultation with you to better understand your needs and provide the ultimate solution for you.

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    Set-up Accounting Software

    We set up an accounting software to link your bank accounts, or we request that you provide us with third party access.

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    Accurate Financial Statements

    We have made sure that transactions are correctly categorized, and send you the complete financial statements.

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Trust Your Books to CPA Level Bookkeeping

Your Certified Tax Coach

Certified Tax Coaches go above and beyond a traditional tax preparer with their extensive training and experience. They know the ins and outs of the tax code and develop a personalized strategy to make sure you’re taking advantage of every legal deduction so that you pay the least amount in taxes.

High Quality Service Guarantee

We are a team of CPAs and accounting experts that work tirelessly to get our clients back on the path to a comfortable financial future. We provide quality service by working meticulously in line with our knowledge of US GAAP and guidelines. You can rest assured about the accuracy and precision of our work.

At Your Service Year-Round

Our bookkeeping services provide fast, accurate, and reliable support throughout the year to help keep your finances organized and up to date.


Helping You Reorganize Your Financials and Get Back on Track


Tailored Bookkeeping Solutions

Our tailored bookkeeping solutions from our team of experts are here to provide custom solutions to fit your business needs.

Accurate Financial Reporting

Accurate financial reporting is essential to making the most of your money. Track your budget, create goals, and make decisions.

Personalized Assistance

We strive to provide one-on-one customer service and timely solutions so you can get back to running your organization.

Enjoy the Convenience of Our Monthly Bookkeeping Service and
Gain Access to Unlimited Expert Support.

Stay on Top of Your Finances

Our monthly bookkeeping service provides an efficient way to keep your finances organized and up-to-date, without having to dedicate extra time or resources to do it yourself.

Increase Efficiency

Your assigned bookkeeper will be able to provide you with regular updates and feedback, which can help you identify potential issues and opportunities and make informed business decisions.

Stay Compliant

By choosing our monthly bookkeeping service, you can have peace of mind that all deadlines are met, and your business is in compliance with all relevant regulations.

''They handle things that would otherwise take my entire day and always keep me updated. The team always answers the phone with patience for every impromptu question and request.''
Lewanna Brown Owner of Copper Cove
''They are very professional and accommodating. I needed to get my taxes done quickly, and without hesitation they were able to fit me into their schedule. Great Service!''
Shantia Warren
''They are very professional and responsive. They are always eager to help and assist. It is a great value for what you pay. As a small business owner they have made the running of my business a whole lot easier.''
Joseph Nesiama Owner of FON Solutions LLC
''I have been doing business and personal taxes with Manay CPA for many years. They are very professional and do quality job. I am certain the relationship will grow with along my next business ventures!''
Damir Tahirovic
''I have used Manay CPA for many years because I know I can trust them!!! They are sincere, kind and professional. I recommend them all of the time to friends, people I work with, etc.''
Kim Howell

+20 Years of Experience

As a full-service accounting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, with over 20 years of experience, we provide comprehensive accounting and tax services to our clients in all 50 states.

  • +5.000 Success Stories
  • Diverse Tax Team
  • Affordable Services

  • +20 Years of Experience
  • CPAs and Tax Coaches

    No one likes paying taxes, which is why it’s important to have someone on your side who has extensive knowledge of the tax code. Our licensed tax team will work hand in hand with you to minimize your tax burden.

    • CPA and CTC Licenses
    • Qualified Tax Practitioners
    • Transparent Planning Process

  • CPAs and Tax Coaches
  • Professional and Accessible

    At Manay CPA, we are here for you every step of the way and aim to provide professional and customized tax solutions to match your needs.

    • In Person and Online Consulting
    • Accessible Experts
    • Secure Document Portal

  • Professional and Accessible
    • Fallen Behind On Your Bookkeeping?
      Get Your Financial Records in Order with Ease.

      Accurate Financial Records in Record Time

      Are you struggling to keep up with your bookkeeping tasks? Whether you’re missing months, or years or have no bookkeeping at all, we’ll ensure your financial records are brought up to date with speed. Trust our experts to handle the heavy lifting and ensure that your books are accurate and ready for tax season and beyond.

      Project a Positive Image for Your Business

      It’s important to maintain a spotless track record and demonstrate the financial stability of your business. Whether you’re applying for a loan or seeking investment, having well-organized financial records will make it clear that your business is a worthwhile opportunity.


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      How Does the Free One-Month Bookkeeping Service Work?

      Assigned Bookkeeper

      Your bookkeeper will work closely with you to ensure that your financial records are up-to-date, accurate, and in compliance with any relevant regulations.

      Software Assistance

      Based on your needs, we'll provide assistance in establishing accounting software suitable for your business if you don't already have one.

      Financial Statement Preparation

      Upon completion of the trial, your bookkeeper will provide you with your one-month financial statements for you to keep and answer any questions you may have regarding the statements.


      What are the terms & conditions for the free one-month bookkeeping service?

      • This offer only applies to new clients and is limited to one free month of bookkeeping services.
      • This offer is valid for a limited time only.
      • This offer is only valid for new clients who sign up for a minimum of 12 months (One free month + 11 months) of bookkeeping services.
      • This offer only applies to bookkeeping services and does not include any additional services such as tax preparation or payroll processing.
      • You agree to provide us with all necessary information and documentation timely to receive the free month of bookkeeping services.
      • You agree to allow automatic monthly debit of the agreed-upon bookkeeping fee from their designated account after the free first month of bookkeeping.
      • You agree to obtain and maintain the accounting software of choice subscriptions and pay all associated fees if you do not already have a suitable system in place.

      Should I work with a professional bookkeeper?

      There are many reasons why hiring a bookkeeper can be beneficial for your business, but two of the most important ones are saving time and fostering growth. The more you grow your business, the more complex issues arise, and a dedicated bookkeeper can free up some much-needed time. Having a bookkeeper who specializes in keeping track of finances will ensure accuracy and give you peace of mind.

      Can bookkeeping be done remotely?

      Yes, cloud accounting software not only allows us to manage your books remotely, but also provides us access to real-time financial data. Therefore, we can catch-up and keep your books up to date remotely.

      When is it too late to catch-up bookkeeping?

      We advise that you get in touch with us as soon as possible as the year-end is a busy time, but our team of experts will work with you and provide catch-up bookkeeping services year-round.

      How much does the catch-up bookkeeping service cost?

      Because businesses differ in size and complexity, it is difficult to put a flat rate on bookkeeping services. However, we offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and recommend you the most suitable package for your business.

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