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Any incorporated company is required to have a Registered Agent. You are entitled to act as your Licensed Agent, as a business owner.

Appointing another Registered Agent, however, will give your home company a physical presence and a separate mailing address where official government records and notices are sent, such as legal proceedings and tax correspondence. Our team of trusted opportunity advisors are seasoned registered agents and can be your point of contact between your business and the state in which your business operates.

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How Manay CPA Can Help You

Full Compliance

Full Compliance

Most business structures require the appointment of registered agents, primarily for the purpose of having a reliable way for the public, the courts and the government to contact your company. By hiring Manay CPA or any of our seasoned professionals as your registered agent, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is in good hands.

Protect Privacy and Save Money

When you name a person or company other than yourself as your business’ registered agent, their address becomes a matter of public record, not your own. When you trust Manay CPA with the responsibility of receiving all your important documents, notices, and other legal correspondences, you get that valuable time back for your own business operations, and you save money by avoiding any legal fees from misplacing or missing deadlines for notices.
Protect Privacy and Save Money

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