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Tax and Accounting Services for The Real Estate Industry

If your company is in the fast-paced real estate world, you already know that you are in an industry with specific transactions and reporting criteria. You also know how competitive it is and that, however unpredictable, economic downturns will cause your company to be less profitable than you expected.

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The good news is tha twe are here to help you overcome the financial challenges you face while developing a successful real estate company.

Real estate tax law is complicated. Our understanding of current real estate tax law helps us partner with your business to develop creative tax planning strategies that mitigate your tax liability.

We will also help you analyze future acquisitions and agreements of land and property and assist you in understanding the consequences of different funding approaches if you need them.

Real Estate Disposition
Section 1031 Exchange Assistance
Due Diligence for Planned Real Estate Sales
Lease Audits
Consulting on Real Estate Investment Trust
Bank Financing
Tax Credits
Business and Real Estate Valuations
Internal Control Audits
Succession Planning

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Many real estate professionals have been helped to succeed by our specialized knowledge of the real estate industry, and we're ready to help you too.
Private equity real estate funds
REITs (real estate investment trusts)
Hotel operators
Residential commercial and retail land developers
Building owners
Property managers
Property investors
Commercial and residential builders

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