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Berkay Kocak

Sales Manager


Professional Experience 

Berkay graduated from Ege University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (English). During his university time, he participated in several internships and community programs held by AIESEC in the EU. He had an ERASMUS experience in the department of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Porto in Portugal.

After university, he worked at PWC as an audit assistant for a short time. He was responsible for executing the phase of the required audit procedures by the given deadlines Applying several audit tests and making inquiries with the clients to find well-calculated reasonable solutions for the work. After their PWC experience, he went for a career change and participated in VESTEL TRADE CO.

He was responsible for all sales and business development activities in Syria- the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, India, China, and South Asia. He conducted more than 15 million euros of budget, contributed regional sales, country growth strategies, and potential cooperations along with local players, visiting the market and customers to determine new business opportunities and market needs.

Role in Manay CPA

At Manay CPA, He will lead and provide support to major sales processes including client acquisition, business development, creating and maintaining growth strategies, coordinating with other departments to ensure client needs are met, analyzing market and competitor activities, and creating relevant action plans.

Personal Interests

He likes cooking, running, traveling, and playing foot tennis. Since he majored in Economics, he follows up on the global economy, his favored economists, and all economy-related social media channels.

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