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Carla Huanca

Sr. Associate


Professional Experience 

Carla Huanca graduated from San Marcos University in Lima, Peru. She has a specialization in taxation. She has 13 years of accounting, tax, and payroll experience for multinational and national companies.

Role in Manay CPA

Carla Huanca serves as a Sr. Associate at Manay CPA. She is responsible for individual, corporate, and partnership tax return preparation, preparing financial statements for monthly clients, following the financial and legal responsibilities of the customers in certain deadlines, managing the processes on their behalf, making consultancy calls for prospective clients, managing the IRS audit processes, and helping the customers with their international tax and financial transactions.

She thinks that Manay CPA is a great opportunity to contribute her knowledge in accounting and finance and for being a company that contributes to her career goals. She always learns something new every day and working here makes her feel like a citizen of the world.

Personal Interests

Carla is a friendly person who loves to travel all over the world, and meet and connect with people and their cultures. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys art-related activities such as dancing, singing, painting, etc.

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