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Cenk Cengiz

Marketing Manager


Professional Experience 

Cenk graduated from Marmara University, department of International Relations and Political Science; he completed his master’s degree at Sabancı University in History at the Institute of Arts and Social Sciences and worked as Teaching Assistant (TA).

He started his career as a “digital strategist and copywriter’’, working for different digital agencies. Gaining quite an experience in digital assets, he continued his career as a “Social Media and Website Coordinator” at British Embassy’s Culture Office, British Council.

After three years, he joined Koç Group and took the role of a Digital Marketing Supervisor for all sub-healthcare brands of Koç Healthcare institutions primarily American Hospital and Koç University Hospital. He was responsible for building and implementing digital marketing strategy, reporting and overseeing the digital budget along with managing the digital marketing team.

He played an active role in social media management, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), digital content & media (SEM, Google Search, Facebook/Instagram (Meta) Ads) strategy & performance marketing, customer journey and experience, website analytics (Google Analytics) and web site front-end/ back-end project management throughout his career.

Role in Manay CPA

Working as “Marketing Manager”, Cenk is responsible for creating integrated marketing strategies and campaigns so as to promote all goods and services of Manay CPA through all online and offline channels. He leads the marketing team; and reports and analyses the results of all marketing activities.

Having a holistic marketing approach, he takes the advantage of all Digital Marketing elements mainly social media, SEM-digital ads, email marketing, content marketing, and SEO with the aim of building awareness and increasing the visibility of the brand. Hence he supports increasing ROI by reaching the target audience and potential customers on digital channels.

Personal Interests

Outside of the office, his major area of interest is cinema. He sees the latest movies and follows all international festivals and award ceremonies. He writes film reviews and critics. He is interested in scriptwriting and has professional scripts as well.

His other interest is music and he never misses the latest trends in indie, pop, and rock genres, bands, and artists throughout the world. He enjoys writing album reviews, as well as his own song lyrics too.

He searches all updates and developments in the digital marketing area for improving his professional capabilities and know-how and tries to implement them in his business.

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