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Ege Gullu

Sr. Finance Associate


Professional Experience 

Ege graduated from Istanbul Technical University`s Dual Degree Program with University at Buffalo. He got his Bachelor`s Degree in Civil Engineering in 2019. He started his professional work life in Kuwait and continued in Istanbul. He worked for international companies like Jones Lang LaSalle, NEF Real Estate, and Polatyol Construction. He completed the Professional Certificate Program of Micro MBA from Istanbul Technical University in 2020.

Role in Manay CPA

Ege serves as a Sr. Finance Associate at Manay CPA. He is responsible for business development services such as market research, new product generation, monitoring and evaluating the market trends, client tendencies, and needs as well as improving all business functions and sales processes across the company and with all clients. He thinks that Manay CPA is a highly professional company that grows and improves itself constantly, which makes him proud to be a part of the team.

Personal Interests

He likes to travel across the world and discover new places. He is interested in world history. He is into sports fields such as sailing, tennis, and bodybuilding.

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