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You may manage your own payroll, but wouldn’t your time be better spent on expanding your company with new products or services?

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Small business owners spend eight hours a month on payroll-related activities, on average. Although it might not sound like much time, it is.

You already know the payroll is complicated if you own a small to medium-sized company with more than a couple of employees.

It seems that every year a new piece of payroll-related federal, state, or local legislation is passed, which you need to comply with.

Outsourcing the Payroll Is More Economical Than You Thought

You get a dedicated payroll expert who works with you during the entire payroll process when you outsource your payroll duties to us. There is no need to recruit an in-house expert or manage a payroll system. Anything you need, we have.

Electronic Fund Transfer and Direct Deposit (EFT)

With our Payroll Services, you can spend less time on administrative tasks like managing your payroll, and more time on making money and growing your business

Printing of Payroll Checks

We print payroll checks both for employees who don't have a bank account and in order not to waste time with bank transactions

Compliance with Payroll Taxes, E-filing, Tax Payments

Thanks to our service of Compliance with Payroll Taxes, E-filing, and Tax Payments, there is no chance to miss any crucial deadline

Employee or Agency Payroll Monitoring

We keep track of hours worked, income estimates, withholding taxes, and other state and federal tax amounts for each pay period.

Processing of W-2, W-3, and 1099

We regularly check the Processing of W-2, W-3, and 1099 so you don't have to worry about the taxes you owe

Payroll Tax Reports

We prepare payroll tax reports that are quick to understand and user-friendly, whether it be weekly, quarterly, or annual to make your business easier

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''They handle things that would otherwise take my entire day and always keep me updated. The team always answers the phone with patience for every impromptu question and request.''
Lewanna Brown Owner of Copper Cove
''They are very professional and accommodating. I needed to get my taxes done quickly, and without hesitation they were able to fit me into their schedule. Great Service!''
Shantia Warren
''They are very professional and responsive. They are always eager to help and assist. It is a great value for what you pay. As a small business owner they have made the running of my business a whole lot easier.''
Joseph Nesiama Owner of FON Solutions LLC
''I have been doing business and personal taxes with Manay CPA for many years. They are very professional and do quality job. I am certain the relationship will grow with along my next business ventures!''
Damir Tahirovic
''I have used Manay CPA for many years because I know I can trust them!!! They are sincere, kind and professional. I recommend them all of the time to friends, people I work with, etc.''
Kim Howell