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Decades of Deductions:
How Manay CPA Can Update Your Tax Experience

Your Certified Tax Coach

Certified Tax Coaches go above and beyond a traditional tax preparer with their extensive training and experience. They know the ins and outs of the tax code and develop a personalized strategy to make sure you’re taking advantage of every legal deduction so that you pay the least amount in taxes.

Qualified Service Guarantee

We are a team of CPAs and tax experts that work tirelessly to get our clients back on the path to a comfortable financial future. We provide quality service by working meticulously in line with our knowledge of US Tax law and guidelines. You can rest assured about our accuracy and precision.

At Your Service Year-Round

At Manay CPA, we aim to assist our clients year-round. Our certified professionals will happily assist you with a comprehensive full-year tax plan or a year-end consultation to match your specific circumstances and needs.

We focus on helping you keep your hard-earned money in your pocket!

Reduced Tax Liability

Tax planning is the process of making sure all areas of your financial plan work together to lower your tax bill. By taking a holistic view of your finances and implementing specific strategies designed to reduce your taxable income, you can save money on your taxes each year.

More Funds to Invest

The primary goal of tax planning is to invest money from taxable sources into various income-generating ventures. This allows for more efficient use of funds towards productive outcomes. The less taxpayers have to spend on their taxes, the more they can invest in a productive venture.

Minimal Litigation

You never want to face legal action when trying to reduce your tax burden. The right tax analysis and planning can help avoid conflict between taxpayers and tax collectors by ensuring that the appropriate measures are taken to reduce the chances of litigation.

Peace of Mind

Many taxpayers find themselves overwhelmed with stress and uncertainty during the tax season. This is especially true for those who have to pay a large sum of money to the government. With tax planning, taxpayers can make informed decisions about their finances and avoid any surprises during the tax season.

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''They handle things that would otherwise take my entire day and always keep me updated. The team always answers the phone with patience for every impromptu question and request.''
Lewanna Brown Owner of Copper Cove
''They are very professional and accommodating. I needed to get my taxes done quickly, and without hesitation they were able to fit me into their schedule. Great Service!''
Shantia Warren
''They are very professional and responsive. They are always eager to help and assist. It is a great value for what you pay. As a small business owner they have made the running of my business a whole lot easier.''
Joseph Nesiama Owner of FON Solutions LLC
''I have been doing business and personal taxes with Manay CPA for many years. They are very professional and do quality job. I am certain the relationship will grow with along my next business ventures!''
Damir Tahirovic
''I have used Manay CPA for many years because I know I can trust them!!! They are sincere, kind and professional. I recommend them all of the time to friends, people I work with, etc.''
Kim Howell

+20 Years of Experience

As a full-service accounting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia with over 20 years of experience, we provide comprehensive accounting and tax services to our clients in all 50 states.

  • +5.000 Success Stories
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  • +20 Years of Experience
  • CPAs and CTCs

    No one likes paying taxes, which is why it’s important to have someone on your side who has extensive knowledge of the tax code. Our licensed tax team will work hand in hand with you to minimize your tax burden.

    • CPA and CTC Licenses
    • Qualified Tax Practitioners
    • Transparent Planning Process

  • CPAs and CTCs
  • Professional and Accessible

    At Manay CPA, we are here for you every step of the way and aim to provide professional and customized tax solutions to match your needs.

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  • Professional and Accessible
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      What is the difference between tax planning and tax preparation?

      Tax preparation involves looking back in time, while tax planning focuses on the present and the future. Tax planning aims to optimize your specific tax situation and take advantage of beneficial financial moves throughout the year.

      When should I start tax planning?

      Tax planning is a year-round process; therefore, we advise that you start your tax planning process as early as possible.

      Is tax planning only for the rich?

      No, tax planning is important not only for high-income taxpayers but also for lower-income taxpayers. Maximizing savings and minimizing taxes is beneficial for all taxpayers.

      What is the primary goal of tax planning?

      Reducing tax liability is the primary goal of tax planning. While maintaining compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, as well as with the authorities like the IRS, effective tax planning prevents taxpayers from overpaying.

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