Manay CPA Amerika’da En İyi 30 Şirket Arasında | Amerika'da Şirket Kur

Manay CPA, a full-service CPA firm, based in Atlanta, GA, continues its success in America.

Manay CPA is Among the Top 30 Companies

Atlanta, GA based CPA and Financial Consultancy firm, Manay CPA, continues to achieve success in the USA without slowing down. Manay CPA was awarded again this year at the “Small Business of the Year” event organized every year by the COBB Chamber of Commerce, and the most successful small businesses are selected. 

Another significant milestone has been achieved by receiving the award for the second time and being selected as one of the best 30 small businesses of the year.

Burcu Manay, a Turkish female entrepreneur, said. “The most important cause of this success is our customers who trust Manay CPA’s team who do their best.” for the being awarded.

Manay CPA has been selected as one of the top 30 small businesses of the year

Burcu Manay, Founder and the Managing Partner of Manay CPA, Has Became the Board Member of the COBB Chamber of Commerce

Founder and the Managing Partner of Manay CPA, Burcu Bree Manay, who has had the opportunity to work with many customer profiles at the US and international level by growing over 100% every year since the establishment, was elected as a board member of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

Cobb Chamber of Commerce, Georgia’s one of the most influential business lobbying groups and one of the top three chambers in the nation, brings the community and its leaders together to build jobs, boost the economy, and improve the quality of life for businesses and the community to achieve tremendous success.

They are sure of the opportunities that, with the experience and resources of Manay, who has led more than 5000+ companies to succeed in the US market, primarily from Turkey, will also create an opportunity for Georgia’s economy.

Manay CPA Amerika’da En İyi 30 Şirket Arasında | Burcu Bree Manay

Who is Manay CPA?

Manay CPA, established in the US state of Georgia and serving 50 states,  is a fully authorized Financial Advisory Company providing services in many different areas such as financial and strategic consultancy, legal, customs, and warehouse solutions in the US market, as well as CPA services such as New Business Formation, Tax, Accounting, Payroll.

Manay CPA Amerika’da En İyi 30 Şirket Arasında | Burcu Bree Manay

Who is Burcu Bree Manay?

Burcu Bree Manay is the President and the Managing Partner of Manay CPA Inc.

Bree is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Coach with about 20 years of professional accounting, financial planning, tax, and business consultancy experience in various US and International sectors. As a Certified Tax Coach, Bree has a wide range of expertise in tax planning, tax audits/resolutions, the formation of internationally owned US companies, transfer pricing and business advisory services.

Prior and during her present role in Manay CPA Inc., Bree had served as the Director of Accounting and Controller for a leading architectural design and manufacturing company for ten years, managing business operations within financial and accounting areas.

Bree received her Master of Professional Accounting degree from the University of West Georgia in 2003 with a full scholarship as a Graduate Research Assistant and was among a few graduate students selected for the Governor’s Internship Program and received her diploma from the State of Georgia Governor himself. She has received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Marmara University in 2001 in the honors list, ranking 3rd out of hundreds of all graduating students.

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