Manay CPA recently participated in CES, the premier tech event held in Las Vegas from January 9-12. CES is renowned for showcasing groundbreaking technologies and attracting global innovators. It serves as a platform for businesses to network, forge new partnerships, and witness the cutting-edge releases and revolutionary breakthroughs. Organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES stands out as the singular trade show that encompasses the entire spectrum of technology under one roof.

During the event, Manay CPA established connections with a diverse array of partners, including manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of consumer tech hardware and content from around the world. Sharing insights on the advantages of U.S. business, Manay CPA attended conferences led by industry leaders and forward thinkers, and engaged in meaningful discussions with institutions such as the Istanbul Development Agency (IDA), Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC), and Fark Labs, all instrumental in connecting companies with consumers and investors for their products and technology.

CES attracted a substantial number of attendees from across the globe. With over 4,300 exhibitors, including a record-breaking 1,400 startups showcased in Eureka Park®, CES highlighted the innovative trends shaping the future and addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Moreover, the event welcomed over 135,000 attendees, representing a record increase of over 40% from 150 countries, regions, and territories.

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