Non-Profit Organizations

Time To Transform Your Non-Profit Suffering Into A Successful Organization

As a non-profit company, you face particular obstacles not faced by for-profit corporations, such as the annual filing of Form 990, compliance with Circular A-133 criteria (OMB), or payment of taxes on unrelated business profits.

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    That is why to have on your side a dedicated team of tax and accounting specialists specialized in non-profit accounting and tax enforcement.

    We use state-of-the-art non-profit technology and efficient communication and strategic tax planning strategies.

    We ensure that any financial decision you make complies with the by-laws of your business, maximize the current sources of funding and reduce costs.

    You should have a team of dedicatred tax and accounting specialists with experience in in not-for-proft accounting and tax enforcement.

    We submit Forms 990 and 990-T annually and prepare supporting documents.

    We apply for tax-exempt status under (Section 501(c)(3) - including filing Form 1023

    Tax and Accounting Services for Non-profit Organizations Manay CPA Inc. Marietta GA

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