In this article, we will explore the best tax deductions for a home rental.

People who rent out their homes to make a profit are eligible for some great tax deductions. There are some expenses that you can deduct from your rental income and these can help lower your tax bill.

What are Schedule C and E? 

A Schedule C is for the reporting of business income and or losses, whereas a Schedule E is used to report rental income and or losses. The earned income which is reflected on your Schedule C is subject to self-employment taxes, whereas the income reflected on your Schedule E is not.

When Is Schedule C a Good Choice? 

Got a tax loss on your rental property? Schedule C is an excellent choice because the losses are deducted from your other income. If you declare the income on your rental property and make Schedule C, you lose all your self-employed tax deductions.

You would file Schedule C for your short-term vacation rental if:

  • The average guest rents the property for less than 7 days, or
  • The average guest stay is less than 30 days and you provide guests with substantial services
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When Is Schedule E a Good Choice?

If you earn from a transient rental, you need to include it on Schedule E. You do not have to pay self-employment taxes with this income. If you show a loss from renting out your transient property, which is shown on Schedule E, this will not affect the calculation of your self-employment income.

You would Schedule E for your short-term vacation rental if:

  • The average guest rents the property for more than 7 days and you do not provide substantial services, or
  • The average guest stay is longer than 30 days

Is Vacation Rental Income Always Taxed?

If you rent the property occasionally, you will not need to file Schedule C or Schedule E – so there is no need to worry about paying tax on your rental income. You can rely on the principal residence exemption if you meet these certain criteria. For instance, you must have rented the property out for a total of fewer than 14 days during the year. A common example here is the Airbnb host who only occasionally rents a room in his primary residence. Airbnb and other online rental platforms will now have to provide 1099s when someone rents a home for over $600 in one calendar year.

One way to use tax losses is through a Schedule C. Not only do you want to deduct them as much as possible, but only if they are for rental activities. If it is for other purposes, try taking deductions on the appropriate form. It is best to rent to transients and materially participate in their operation to find the best opportunities with this tax form. You do not want to report your rental property income on Schedule C, as it will apply self-employment tax and trigger more complex calculations. In other words, you should limit yourself to certain services only to avoid these consequences.

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