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We Help You Manage Your Finances

You get all the advantages of recruiting an accomplished finance executive without the extra cost when you use our team of experienced tax and accounting professionals.
  • Reports and Analysis
  • Develop a Budget
  • Assess Cash Flow
  • Tax Strategies and Financial Forecast
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Leave the Bookkeeping to Us

You get personalized support and state of the art technology and payroll applications when you outsource your bookkeeping services to us.
  • Accounts Payable
  • Control of Inventories
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Clean Up Bookkeeping
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Manay CPA | Tax and Accounting in the US
Manay CPA Free Consultation Atlanta CPA

Cost-Effective Payroll Services

You may manage your own payroll, but wouldn't your time be better spent on expanding your company with new products or services?
  • Electronic Fund Transfer and Direct Deposit (EFT)
  • Compliance with Payroll Taxes, E-filing, Tax Payments
  • Printing of Payroll Checks
  • Employee or Agency Payroll Monitoring
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Helping You to Create The Base For A Successful Company

The decision to start a new company is an exciting one, but there is more to it than creating a product and hoping it will sell, as any experienced business owner knows.
  • Determine which company entity meets your aims
  • Build a business plan to help you secure funding
  • Make agreements on collaborations
  • Set up an accounting system that works for you using software
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Manay CPA Free Consultation Atlanta CPA

Audits - Reviews - Compilations

Testified Expertise

You may be accountable as a business owner to creditors, private investors, and shareholders who are all interested in ensuring that the company's financial statements accurately reflect the company's actual financial status.
  • Compilations
  • Reviews
  • Summary repor
  • Audits
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Succession Planning

Survival of Family Business

Although eighty percent of family-owned businesses have appointed a family member as a successor, only one in eight has a succession plan in place. If you already have a succession plan in place, then you are already on your way to a stable financial future, but we're here to help if you don't.
  • Assist in transition to a family member
  • Planning for land and trust taxes
  • Identify a likely buyer (s)
  • Planning gift taxes and retirement
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Financial Planning for Businesses

Manay CPA, Understands Your Business

If you run a successful company, you already know how important it is to work with an accounting company that understands your business functions. You may not know that it helps you take your company to another level when you introduce an accountant with experience in financial planning and analysis to the team.
  • Reporting and review of finances
  • Business Modeling
  • Analyzing profitability
  • Developing strategic plans to promote growth
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Non-Profit Organizations

Time To Transform Your Non-Profit Suffering Into A Successful Organization

As a non-profit company, you face particular obstacles not faced by for-profit corporations, such as the annual filing of Form 990, compliance with Circular A-133 criteria (OMB), or payment of taxes on unrelated business profits.
  • We use state-of-the-art non-profit technology and efficient communication
  • We submit Forms 990 and 990-T annually and prepare supporting documents.
  • We compile financial statements regularly and comply with state legislation
  • We apply for tax-exempt status under (Section 501(c)(3) – including filing Form 1023
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