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Omer Gundogdu

Jr. Associate


Professional Experince

Ömer graduated from the Business Administration and Management Department (English) at Baskent University. He completed the final semester of his undergraduate studies as an Erasmus exchange student at Gdanśk University of Technology in the city of Gdanśk, Poland. Ömer also successfully finished his internship at the Ankara Chamber of Commerce. Following his academic and practical experiences, he worked as a project-based Data Verification Analyst at the South Korean company QANDA.

Role in Manay CPA

In his role as a Jr. Associate at Manay CPA, Ömer handles various accounting responsibilities. These include overseeing the Accounting Operations team, onboarding new clients, setting up new businesses, generating invoices, creating amortization schedules, and preparing financial statements in compliance with GAAP standards. He is also in handling different types of tax returns, conducting tax research, and offering tax advisory services. Ömer provides essential accounting support for both individuals and entities, covering significant financial areas, including payroll management.

Personal Interests

Outside of work, Ömer likes riding motorcycles and admires classic cars. He enjoys hiking in nature and loves to travel. He also finds joy in reading novels and keeping up with economic magazines.

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