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Yusuf Avla

Jr. Associate


Professional Experience

Yusuf completed his associate degree in Human Resource Management at Adnan Menderes University in 2018, and he started his bachelor’s degree at Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University in 2019. In August 2022, he participated in the Erasmus program and had a unique experience at Budapest Business School in Budapest, Hungary.

During his university education, Yusuf worked as an intern at the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance. This summer internship lasted for one month, during which he gained experience through interdepartmental rotation, particularly in the accounting department of the Ministry of Finance.

Later on, he worked remotely for six months as an accounting and finance assistant at NDB Technology, an American company based in London. During this period of remote and flexible work, he focused on self-improvement.

Continuing his quest for personal and professional development, Yusuf decided to undertake a long- term internship at Odeabank. Throughout his time at the bank, he acquired knowledge about investment instruments, developed customer relationships, and honed his agenda management skills.

Role in Manay CPA

Yusuf provides accounting support to major financial accounting areas including Onboarding New Clients, New Business Formation, Issuing Invoices, Depreciation Schedules, Financial Statements according to GAAP, all types of Tax Returns, Tax Research and Tax Consultancy, Payroll for both individuals and corporates and other accounting and sales duties.

Personal Interests

Yusuf can be defined as a person who loves socialising with his friends in his free time, making new friends, his desire for continuous learning and communication using his extroverted personality. He also likes seeing new places, learning new languages, travelling, tasting new foods and getting to know different cultures.

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