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Gokhan Coban



Professional Experience 

Gokhan has over five years of experience in international accounting. He completed his bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Finance at the Izmir University of Economics. He started his career at Deniz Bank. He worked for Ekol Lojistik AS as a Senior Expert International Accountant, where he worked in an international environment. As part of his job at Ekol Lojistik, he has traveled and worked in several European countries.

Role in Manay CPA

Gokhan works as a US Accounting Associate at Manay CPA. He helps clients with new business formations, payroll, and tax returns, such as accounting matters, etc.
He thinks Manay CPA is a great place to work and is very happy to be a part of this team.

Personal Interests

Gokhan likes to practice his drum, is passionate about music, and is a member of the Turkish Blues Association. He is always ready to go to a concert or a soccer match. He loves animals and supports street animals. He likes to travel, challenge himself, explore places, meet different people, experience various cultures, taste new cuisines, and learn history.

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