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Ozge Gokdemir

Marketing Associate


Professional Experience 

Özge Yaprak Gökdemir has graduated from Atılım University department of Translation and Interpretation. She is currently completing her Mba studies at Middle East Technical University. She has worked at Otrera Translation Services as a digital marketing specialist for a year where she was responsible for the website development, content production, and digital advertisement. She then worked at Tasigo Hotels as the social media specialist where she produced, edited, and shared content, managed and reported social media ads.

Role in Manay CPA

Özge serves as a marketing associate for content creation, social media management, website Management, SEO, and other tasks within digital and traditional marketing activities.

Personal Interests

Özge is a huge Formula1 fan and watches almost all races. She enjoys testing and developing Mediterranean recipes with her family. She is interested in the research of social media algorithms and Artificial Intelligence technologies in digital marketing.

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